My paintings are an abstraction of energy, spirit and time. They explore a particular narrative and identity through landscape. Mark-making becomes an index for my methodology, positing an impetus that makes the illusion and becomes the illusion simultaneously.. A “Head on Collision” of real events interfacing with unknown forces balances the tension between the familiar and the absurd. Thickly painted, evocative images conjure up a sense of chaos, imaginary narratives and mystery.

A veiled theme is embedded in the work, disorienting the viewer, prompting greater attention and focus while the story unfolds. I am interested in exploring multiple levels of consciousness that emerge from memories as they inform and mold that decision making processes. By actively painting, layering, scraping and erasing, the marks left behind, blurred and unclear, become a metaphor for the struggles to maintain order from chaos. A dramatic narrative of light and color moves the viewer beyond known boundaries into altered states; deteriorating connections evolve behind screens of layered grids and gradients. The paintings exhibit strong textural presence and immediacy.

I enjoy reading science fiction to engage in new thinking, reflect on life’s paradoxes, and prepare for the future. I regularly teach children 6-12 years of age, art classes locally and out of state. I seek through daily practice to create a paradigm of artistic gestures to inform others. A new visual language. Text is gesture, gesture is text”.

Virginia Crawford Pierrepont

Virginia continues to paint classic oil portraits; she is married and splits her time between Long Island, New York and Maine


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